Mesquite and Cedar Tree Removal

Mesquite and Cedar trees are some of the most hard to remove and maintain trees in the great state of Texas. In just a few years, your pasture or Oak groves can become engulfed in these trees.

Mesquite trees are a problem all over the state and are arguably one of the toughest trees out there to effectively kill. We operate a unique attachment that allows us to uproot the entire tree to ensure it will not regrow.

Mesquite and Cedar Tree Removal

What makes Mesquite trees so hard to kill is their root systems. The tap root of a Mesquite tree can often grow as far down as 20 feet! Using this attachment we rip the entire tree right out of the ground. From there we generally pile the trees for the land owner to burn. We can also mulch the piles of trees as well if that is preferred (at an additional cost)

Mesquite and Cedar Tree Removal


Cedar trees are found all over the state and are one of the few evergreen trees we have. They also pose two big problems, pollen, lots of pollen. Most folks are allergic to cedars and when they pollinate it can be absolutely miserable.

They also absorb an astronomical amount of water. A 12 inch wide cedar can drink up to 40 gallons of water per day from the soil. This can pose a huge problem for your Oak and Elm trees. Generally as Cedar trees begin to take over it chokes out your good trees and kills them off pretty quickly.

Mesquite and Cedar Tree Removal
Mesquite and Cedar Tree Removal

Cedars can be removed in one of two ways. As we mentioned above, grubbing the entire tree assures it does not come back. The Cedars can be placed in piles to be burned. Unfortunately, Cedar trees can often grow out as wide as they are tall, these piles can get to be pretty big quickly.


The other option is to use a forestry mulcher to remove the Cedar trees. This will much the tree and stump down and leave behind a bed of mulch. Once again due to cedars being a fibrous wood the mulch bed can get quite deep quickly. This is why it is so important to manage your Cedar trees before they reach mature sizes.


Cedar and Mesquite grubbing services by Pierce Land Clearing start at $1000 a day and mulching services start at $1500 a day.

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