Land Clearing In Austin Texas

What To Expect When Clearing Land In Austin Texas

Land clearing in Austin Texas can be a bit of an overwhelming task at first. We are here to make that job a little bit easier. 

First off when it comes to clearing land in Austin, Texas you need to have the proper crew and equipment. Always vet your contractors, check their reviews, make sure they are heavily insured and have the right equipment for the job. 

Land Clearing in Austin Texas

As Central Texas’ top rated land clearing company we make sure we tick all of these boxes for you. 

When clearing small lots in Austin Texas you can use smaller skid steer type mulchers. These machines excel in less than 1 acre jobs with trees generally under 10 inches in diameter. In the world of skid steer mulchers there are basically two classes. High flow and low flow skid steer mulchers. Almost never does it make sense to use a low flow skid steer to clear land. They do not provide enough hydraulic horsepower to grind trees and usually leave behind a mess. High flow skid steer machines do a better job but need to have the right tractor and mulcher combo. Brands like Kubota, John Deere, and Bobcat all make 90-100 horsepower machines that can clear decently but not well.  Most contractors running these will also use a mulching head that has carbide hammers vs knives. This again slows production down. 

We run the ASV 120 with a Denis Cimaf head. This is THE BEST skid steer mulching combo on the market. While the daily rate is more than the above units, our production is nearly double and leaves behind a much nicer mulch. 

Now when you get into jobs greater than an acre this is where the bigger machines come into play. If you have a project greater than an acre or a project where larger trees need to be taken down we are the company for you. With the most diverse fleet of machines in Austin Texas we can handle any sized job you might need taken care of. 

Top Rated Land clearing in Austin Texas

We utilize Barko 930B and Tigercat M726G mulchers. These machines produce nearly 400 horsepower and can clear 2-5 acres per day. With over 4 times the production of a skid steer mulcher, you will save a fortune in terms of time and money by hiring the right crew and equipment the first time. 

With these machines, there is no limit to the size of tree that we can take down, and with the extra horsepower, we can grind up all of the trees with ease. This method of forestry mulching is eco-friendly, go-to method for land clearing in Austin Texas. 


So what does it cost to clear land in Austin, Texas? Good question, let’s break it down a little bit and go over the costs. 

When clearing a smaller lot in Austin Texas 1/4 to 1/2 acre you can expect to spend around $2500-$3000 dollars. For us, this would be a one-day job with our ASV 120 mulcher, in and out quickly.

Skid Steer Land Clearing In Austin Texas


Clearing 1/2 to 1 acre in Austin Texas. So this would be at the upper end of what a skid steer mulcher can do in a day. If you needed an entire cedar thicket cleared out then you would want to opt for one of our big, high-horsepower mulchers. Once the trees become very dense and you start to get trees over 10 inches in diameter then you need the horsepower of the bigger machines. Our crew is the most experienced in Austin, Texas and you would be surprised how effectively we can get a large mulcher around a small project. 

Clearing 1-2 acres of land in Austin, Texas. This is where the bigger machines start to really come into play. The average day rate for a high horsepower mulcher is anywhere from $3500-$4000, however, this is a job that can easily be done in a day, whereas if you were to use a smaller skid steer mulcher this might take 2-3 days, which would cost anywhere from $5000-$7000 dollars. 

Clearing 5+ acres in Austin Texas. At this size parcel of land, you should only consider high-horsepower mulchers. These are the only machines capable of these sized jobs in a way that is affordable to a customer. Generally selective cedar tree clearing on parcels this size runs $1500-$2000 per acre with our high horsepower machines. We do hundreds of projects like this all over Texas and our results have earned us the highest rating in Central Texas. 

Forestry Mulching Austin Texas

Our team is here to help, decades of combined experience we are a wealth of knowledge and we will always point you in the right direction, even if that means referring you to someone that might be better equipped for the job. Our goal is always customer satisfaction. So if you have any questions about clearing land in Austin Texas give us a call today. 254 998 4468


Other cities we service in the Austin Metro Area: 

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Land Clearing In Austin Texas

What To Expect When Clearing Land In Austin Texas Land clearing in Austin Texas can be a bit of an overwhelming task at first. We are here to make that job a little bit easier.  First off when it comes to clearing land in Austin, Texas you need to have