A well done gravel driveway can make for a smooth, and mud free, entry to your home for years to come. It’s time to upgrade or repair your current driveway.

How do we handle driveways?

First we level the current drive area to make sure we are nice and level, no one wants pond when it rains in their drive, so we will make sure all high and low areas are level.

Dirt work including leveling, grading, digging, and Earth moving are jobs we handle every day at Pierce Land Clearing.

Next we will dump gravel and begin packing. We generally do this in two stages with the first 4 inches being laid down to start. From there we will grade and pack, followed by the last two inches and a final pack and grading. We see a lot of driveways not packed and graded correctly. Without this crucial step your driveway will not stay hard packed and level.


Equipment we use to make sure the job is done right.

2018 Kubota SVL 95-2 (95 horsepower skid steer) with digging bucket and grader.

2018 Texas Pride 16 Foot Hydraulic Dump Trailer

Pricing is based on square footage of the driveway. Yes, we can also deliver gravel or work with you to find the best deals on gravel in your area.


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